AJ U5’s Cricket

U5s summer term academy session dates 2018

AJ Coaching Cricket Academy is pleased to announce the launch of the brand new AJ U5’s cricket coaching programme.

AJ U5’s Cricket is for 2 to 5 year old children; this is not just about Cricket; we want to encourage every individual regardless of his or her background or ability. AJ Coaching Cricket Academy aims to create a fun and positive learning experience so children develop emotionally, physically and socially for everyday life.

Using specially adaptted cricket equipment, sessions include series of activities and games which focus on three areas of skill development in order to play Cricket. They are Ball Skills (improving hand eye coordination) Movement Skills and Bat skills. Cricket involves striking, catching, throwing and running which helps improve skills in other sports.

In addition, children learn to listen to instructions whilst having fun and learning. We also use colours, numbers, shapes and letters to help with their educational development so they feel better prepared for primary school and for life. Social skills are developed through the child sharing and allowing others to have their turn. Above all, our sessions will provide an opportunity to interact through a fun environment where children and parents can play and learn together.

To avoid disappointment please book a place for your child as soon as possible. You can book below.

Under 5 Summer Schedule

DATES: 28th April – 14th July 2018

DAY*: Every Saturday Morning

TIMES: 8:30am–9.15am

VENUE:  Dundonald Park SW19 3QH


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DATES: 13th January–31st March 2018 (Except 3rd February)

DAY*: Every Saturday Morning

TIMES: 10:15am–11am

VENUE: Wimbledon College School Indoor Hall. Edge Hill, SW19 4NS


NOTE* If you feel you are eligible for a discount please contact Ali to acquire the code. 

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