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We are really excited about this development for AJ Coaching match play, children now will enjoy playing matches and learn at a quicker pace through match practice. Our aim is not to win every single match but to be competitive and support the children in what they love doing and help them progress. We will be competitive but will also try to give everyone a game where possible.

Our Selection Policy: Teams are picked on merit and coaches select the teams after seeing the children in training sessions and matches. ACE (Attitude, Commitment and Enthusiasm) are the qualities we look for in players when we select teams. Please note, there is no automatic selection after attending a training session.  Match fee: there is a £10 match fee for home and away games.

In our first season we played 10 friendly fixtures in total. In 2017 we were invited to compete in the NEC league and we entered 4 teams this was a very exciting and enjoyable experience and the AJ children showed a lot of promise.

In 2018 season we have consolidated on our first year experience and all the hard work has really paid off. Two out of four teams won the league. U8 & U9 squads did brilliantly all season and finished strongly in 3rd position.

Congratulation to the U10 & U12 squads.

Addition to the league wins the U12s won the NEC cup and U10 were runner’s up in the NEC cup.

In 2019 we entered 5 teams in the league.

Congratulations to all the teams on another successful season. Special mention to U8 and U11 squads for winning the league. U10s ended the season in 2nd place. U9s and U13s were not too far behind.

Despite an uncertain start to 2020 due to Covid-19, It has been very busy in July and August with the Academy training, intra-squad matches, club matches. 2020 was supposed to be the first year of the SJCC (Surrey Junior Cricket Championship). We entered six teams U8s to U13s.

In 2021, the plan is to enter seven age groups from U8s to U14s. AJCA has a vision and the plan is to keep going to the age of 15, 16 and 17 and start a development side in which senior players could play. We also want to start an adult team plus a girls team too. The search for a home ground is a huge part of this vision and AJ is working hard on this plan. More news to follow in the next few months.

In 2022, we have entered eight age groups in the Surrey Junior Cricket Championship. Age groups are from U8 to U15s. In addition to this, we are entering two teams in the U9, 10 & 11 age groups. 

In 2023, we have entered 12 teams in the Surrey Junior Cricket Championship. Age groups are U8 to U15s. We are very pleased to start a girls section few years ago and now we have entered a girls team in the U13 competition and are looking forward to competing next summer. 

Please have a look through the Surrey Junior Championship website for all the information and rules.

















































League Fixture Days & Times: 

U8 – Tier 1 / West / Saturday Morning / Dundonald Park Cricket Ground / 9am – 11am 

U9A – Tier 1 / North / Monday Evening / Dundonald Park Cricket Ground / 6pm – 8pm

U9B – Tier 2 / North /  Monday Evening / Dundonald Park Cricket Ground / 6pm – 8pm

U10A – Tier 1 / North East / Sunday Morning / Dundonald Park Cricket Ground / 9am – 11am

U10B – Tier 2 / South / Thursday Evening / Dundonald Park Cricket Ground / 6pm – 8pm

U11A – Tier 1 / Sunday Morning / Morden Park Cricket Ground / 9am – 11.30am

U11B – Tier 2 / Central / Monday Evening / Morden Park Cricket Ground / 6pm – 8pm 

U12 – Tier 1 / West / Friday Evening / Morden Park Cricket Ground / 6pm – 8pm 

U13 – Tier 1 / London / Sunday Morning / Dundonald Park Cricket Ground / 9am – 12pm 

U14- Tier 2 / North West / Thursday Evening / Morden Park Cricket Ground / 6pm – 8.30pm 

U15 – Tier 1 / North / Sunday Morning / Morden Park Cricket Ground / 9am – 12.30pm 

Girls U13 – Tier 1 / North / Wednesday Evening / Morden Park Cricket Ground / 6pm – 8pm 




Aaron Bates – playing for Surrey county U10 team

James Millard – Surrey U9 player

Freddie Johnson – Surrey U11 player who has just scored his first century for NEC league team vs Sussex county in Dorset. Huge achievement to be selected for Surrey and to score a 100 at age 11.

Orson Jones – Surrey U9 player

Jack Harris, Harry Hammond & Freddie Johnson, who are playing for NEC team against Sussex county in Dorset.



























End of Season Cricket Awards

We had our end of season cricket awards on Friday 27th of September. Our special guest was ex England cricketer Graham Thorpe (MBE) and he presented the awards to the children.































Age groups:

AJ Academy compete in the Surrey Junior Cricket Championship (SJCC) and these are the six age groups, which we have been entered to play in 2020:

AGE: U8 Softball

MATCH: Saturday morning

AGE: U9 Hardball

MATCH: Monday evening

AGE: U10 Hardball

MATCH: Sunday morning

AGE: U11 Hardball

MATCH: Sunday morning

AGE: U12 Hardball

MATCH: Friday evening

AGE: U14 Hardball

MATCH: Thursday Evening




Play-Cricket Homepage: 

For more information about playing facilities, matches, teams, affiliations, officials, sponsors… and more, click below:

AJ’s Play-Cricket Homepage


We will continue to book Dundonald Park cricket ground as usual for fixtures and training on Saturday mornings. All our fixtures take place at Dundonald Cricket ground.


Dundonald Recreation Ground, Dundonald Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3QH


We want children at the academy to have the opportunity to receive quality cricket coaching and play friendly and league cricket so that they can progress further and have a sense of belonging. We know that the academy does that in some respects but next season we will have a home ground with the club house which will go a long way in terms of getting the feel of a cricket club.


Suitable for: 

For children already playing at their own club and making progress there, then our advice would be to continue at their respective clubs. But this presents an opportunity for those without a current club or who are still on a waiting list for a local club. Please email us or ring us if you want to have a detailed chat about this.

Contact us to find out more