We are really excited to announce that AJ cricket academy’s plan for 2017.

On Friday 25th November Mr Jaffer attended the NEC league AGM where he proposed to the league committee that AJ Academy teams be allowed to play in the NEC  (North East and Central Surrey Cricket League). We are really pleased to announce that they agreed and now three squads will be play league cricket in 2017 season.

My philosophy is that I want children at the academy to have the opportunity to receive quality cricket coaching and play league cricket so that they could progress further and have a sense of belonging. I know that the academy does that in some respect but next season we will have a home ground with a club house at John Innes Park (Merton cricket club) which will go long way in terms of getting the feel of a cricket club.

Obviously this does present a choice for those children who are already playing league cricket for other clubs. Off course they are most welcome to join the AJ teams and it will be give me huge pleasure if they choose to play for the AJ teams but if they are happy at the clubs and making progress then my advice will be to continue at their respective clubs. Please email me or ring me if you want to have a detailed chat about this.

So here are the age groups which have been entered to play NEC league cricket next year.

Age                                        Match Day

U8 Softball                          Saturday morning

U9 Hardball                        Monday evening

U11 Hardball                       Sunday morning

Please have a look through the NEC league website for all the information and rules.

Really exciting for the children as they will enjoy playing matches and learn at a quicker pace through match practice. My aim is not go and win every single match but to be competitive and support the children in what they love doing and help them progress.  We will be competitive but will also try to give everyone a game where possible. I will continue to organise friendly games for those who might not be available to play in league games.

Last season we played 10 friendly fixtures in total.

U8, U9, U10, U11&12 combined all played against various clubs. I will continue to organise friendly fixtures in 2017.


I will look continue to book Dundonald park as usual but will also book  Merton Park cricket club at John Innes Recreation ground for fixtures and training on Saturday mornings.

Sunday and Monday fixtures will also take place at John Innes Rec.

Address:  Cannon Hill Lane, Merton Park, London, SW20 9ES